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Welcome to the site of Fisker & Co.

About Fisker & Co
Fisker stands for design by René Visser unless mentioned otherwise. Co is everyone connected, the people we work with and who support us.

About sitting
When we sit, there is time to take a rest, to think, work, talk, read the paper, or just to look around.
We can sit individual or sit together.
Sitting connects people, and people is where our design is about.

About protection
All models are protected. It is not allowed to manufacture any furniture shown on the website without permission.

About copyright
Beeldrecht has the exclusive right of authorizing the reproduction of the works shown on the website.
For publication please contact

All prices on this website are excl. shipping and handling costs. Prices are based on sale of a single piece of furniture or a small amount order. The prices are on request for orders of a larger amount. All urban furniture can be delivered against surplus with a groundanchor. Use of other materials and colours on request.
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